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‘Trainspotting’ and the art of the perfect soundtrack

With the release of T2: Trainspotting, the sequel to Danny Boyle’s beloved dark comedy drama, the main concern on fans’ minds is how the film will hold up against its predecessor. Trainspotting is a cult favourite within British cinema and it’s easy to see why. Some love it for its memorable dialogue. Some love it for its […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Tony Diver

Take A Walk On The Wild Side // Lou Reed OK, so I guess this might be the part where I reveal that I identify strongly with transvestite itinerant bar workers, backroom profligates and rent boys. Alas, somewhat more worryingly, Lou Reed’s classic number simply brings back memories of my childhood. It’s all due to […]Read More

The Literature Behind Lou Reed

Lou Reed has always been something of a fascination and an enigma. It would appear that the basis of Lou’s often chaotic musical career was rooted in literature, which The Indiependent‘s Kristen was keen to investigate. Legend has it that Lou Reed and John Cale found a copy of journalist Michael Leigh’s 1963 paperback Velvet Underground on the […]Read More