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‘Another Round’- A Hazy Tale of Debauchery: LFF Review

After collaborating on 2012’s sublime The Hunt, reuniting fan favourite Mads Mikkelsen and director Thomas Vinterberg is always an exciting prospect. Their latest collaboration is Another Round (Druk), a darkly comedic drama that attempts to plumb the depths of drunkenness and analyse its effects on the human psyche. The key plot of Another Round focuses […]Read More

Mourning the Loss of Hannibal

If you’re an avid TV watcher, you’ve been through the most painful experience for any fan: the premature cancellation of something you love. With NBC’s Hannibal being the most recent example of this type of tragedy and coming to an end this last week, I think it’s important to take a look back at some […]Read More

TV Review: Secondo // Hannibal S3E03

For a while now we have been teased and tormented about Hannibal’s past; conversations with Will about Mischa were the building blocks for the journey into his younger self, and it seems only right that we begin to delve into this past as the doctor grows closer to being caught. Fans of Thomas Harris and […]Read More

TV Review: Antipasto // Hannibal S3E01

It’s been over a year since we last saw the devilishly delicious Hannibal on our screens, and in that year Bryan Fuller and co. have dropped numerous tasty morsels to wet our appetite. For those of us desperate to find out the final fate of our beloved Will Graham and crew, it appears we’re going […]Read More