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Criticism Can Be Your Friend, If You Let It

Love Letters To My 20s: A Fortnightly Column On The Stigma Surrounding Our Twenties “Uncomfortable and liberating- exactly what growth is supposed to feel like.” – Florence Given, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty Criticism is a weird one. It can simultaneously hurt your ego, crush your passion, and embarrass you, whilst also allowing you to […]Read More

50 Books (4): Reasons to Stay Alive // Matt Haig

Title: Reasons to Stay Alive Author: Matt Haig Outline: Part autobiography, part self-help manual, Reasons to Stay Alive is the story of the author’s ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety, the lessons he has learned and the reasons he has found to fight it. Championed by the likes of Stephen Fry, Michael Palin and Joanna […]Read More