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Album Review: Leave Me Alone // Hinds

 This Spanish four-piece are known for their motto “Our Sh**, Our Rules”, one which they’ve really taken under their belts to fulfil with their debut Leave Me Alone. The album features 12 tracks which are a mix of new material (such as ‘Garden’), and some older singles such as ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Castigadas en el granero’ (roughly […]Read More

Feature: Musical Revolutions

There have been three massive revolutions in music in the past 50 years, say scientists from Queen Mary University of London. Researchers have been looking at different characteristics of music to see what really has been happening to mainstream music and how it’s developed over the last couple of decades. “Music is declining.” It’s a thing […]Read More

My Life In Books: Megan Bakewell

A New Year, a new-ish tradition for The Indipendent’s Books section. This week, Megan writes about the five books that managed to make a lasting impression on her in ways no other books did. Intrigued? Read on, good friends… The Famous Five // Enid Blyton Take me back a few years and I can remember […]Read More