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The Demonising Reality of Women and Addiction: Demi Lovato, Ariana

Just over a month ago, TMZ announced that pop sensation Demi Lovato had overdosed and was tragically rushed to hospital. This happened only one month after Lovato released the heart-wrenching track “Sober”, in which she apologizes to her parents and fans for breaking her sobriety. Unaware if she was alive or not, social media, (especially […]Read More

TV Review: Atypical Series 1

It’s highly possible that there are people who think Atypical romanticises autism, however in reality what Netflix have done is epitomise the life changing path of a typical teenager. For sure, being 18 years old and seeking a full time ‘practise girlfriend’ alongside his avid interest in the Antarctic, is not the perfect scenario for a […]Read More

Book Review: The Shock of the Fall // Nathan Filer

SCHIZOPHRENIA n. a severe mental disorder categorised by a disintegration in the process of thinking, of contact with reality, and of emotional responsiveness. Etymology: From the Greek Skhizein (‘to split’) and Phren (‘mind’). Nathan Filer is a mental health nurse. His 2013 debut novel The Shock of the Fall gives an insight into the mind […]Read More