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What I Wish I Knew Before Returning To University

This year has proven to make itself a struggle for those like myself at university, and despite the growing dialogues about mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, there are still some things worth learning. Students are often placed under the stereotype of being all about the party life, and caring little about their work. For the […]Read More

Life Is Short, Don’t Let It Be Dictated By Fear

Fear is a complex emotion. Though traditionally seen as a negative feeling that makes us worried and unhappy, the truth is that fear takes many different forms. A fear of losing your job, for example, is wildly different to a fear of spiders. Indeed, horror is a genre of fiction specifically made for those who […]Read More

5 Things I Learnt In 2020

As this never-ending year finally limps to a close I find myself in much the same position as I started in. I am 23, still single, still working a part-time job in retail, and still living at home. And yet this year has changed me beyond what I could have expected. I am now the […]Read More

5 Ways To Stay Active Over The Christmas Period

We all know that feeling of defeat when you finish work for the day and can’t be bothered to do that small workout you had planned. Instead, curling up in front of the TV with a drink and a packet of crisps. Truth is, you shouldn’t feel bad about not being active at all. With […]Read More

Who Inspires You? – Part 1

Our inspirations are what drive us forward. They encourage us to make certain decisions, to pick certain paths. Inspirations can come in a vast array of forms, but one of the most common is people. This is a collection of people who inspire us here at the Indiependent. James Dudley: Elon Musk “My motivation for […]Read More