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The Problem With The ‘Deluxe’ Album

The re-released album is a simple enough business venture. A successful album is expanded upon, remixed, and redistributed to the masses and their outstretched ears, which translates to a stream-fuelled commercial win. Interest in a record is reignited, often months after original release, adding a sense of longevity to an album cycle. The ‘deluxe’ album […]Read More

Biology 101: Anatomy Of A Gay Anthem

Morning class, settle down please. I assume you’ve done the assigned reading, or assigned watching I should say: episodes 1-3 of It’s A Sin. I definitely see plenty of red-rimmed eyes. Alicia, did you watch it? We’re going to continue with our topic of gay anthems and today’s lesson also includes a dissection. No Dean, […]Read More

Live Music Will Return But Virtual Livestreams Are Here To

Amid the news that Glastonbury has been cancelled yet again, co-organiser Emily Eavis has announced plans to still work on Glastonbury-related projects throughout the year—including potential livestreamed events. Eavis told The Guardian that several artists had been in touch to still offer to perform at the farm and that a show could be built to […]Read More

What Impact Will TikTok Have On The 2021 Music Charts?

With more time stuck indoors, many of us stumbled upon TikTok in 2020. The social media phenomenon resulted in millions upon millions of people collectively shimmying to some form of viral song in front of our smartphone cameras. Cue 2021 and lockdown 3.0, and it’s a safe bet that the hordes will be returning to […]Read More

Obituary: MF Doom, Elusive and Masterful Rapper

MF Doom, elusive and masterful rapper, has died aged 49. New Years Eve. As many celebrated and waved goodbye to a painful year, 2020 had one last trick up its sleeve. The wife of the underground hip-hop icon MF DOOM announced late into the night that the rapper had died on Halloween of last year. […]Read More

50 Years On From The Beatles’ Final Album

Let It Be was released fifty years ago on this day (8 May), but the anniversary of the Beatles’ final studio album just serves as another reminder of the generational transcendence and influence of their music.  It also recalls the fractious nature of their demise and the emotionally-charged recording sessions — but regardless, the band […]Read More

Song of the Week (30th Jan): A Jagged Gorgeous Winter

In the midst of a cold, dark and long winter, as well as a new year, ‘A Jagged Gorgeous Winter’ by the alternative indie band The Main Drag is the anthem we all need right now. Containing many nuances to the literal being of winter, the electro-pop laced song is surprisingly upbeat. The lyrics are creatively woven […]Read More

5 Lo-fi Tracks That You NEED To Listen To

Lo-fi is a genre I hold a lot of respect for – these artists are literally recording and producing the music themselves, or at least the majority of it. Unfortunately, this is usually due to a low budget, and therefore means not that many people are aware of them, and/or the sound quality can suck […]Read More

A Trip To ‘The Midi Music Company’

Recently I went to The Midi Music Company based in Deptford for one of their ‘Music Explosion’ talks. At these talks, TMMC bring in some music industry professionals to hold a lecture and relay how they came to be in the position they are. Talking when I attended was Kevin Simpson, of Long Lost Brother […]Read More

Justin Bieber: the transformation of a public irritant

Justin Bieber has always been a polarising figure. Opinions have been notoriously divided ever since the Canadian teen star burst onto the music scene. A heart throb for most teenage girls and deeply irritating for just about everyone else. His early career was fuelled by teenage girls. They bought into the songs. The songs were […]Read More

The Top 20 Noel Gallagher Lyrics

The 17th of October marked the 4th anniversary of Noel Gallagher’s debut album, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. It’ll come as no surprise to anyone interested in the music of the past 20 years that Noel Gallagher can write world class, era-defining songs. Even The Libertines’ Peter Doherty described Noel as “a poet,” just moments […]Read More