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The Indiependent Music Awards 2014

This time of year is perfect for pensive reflection. In the last twelve months, we’ve seen a host of phenomenally talented artists firmly establish themselves as here for the long haul – including FKA Twigs, George Ezra and Jaws. Other familiar faces came back with a bang: we greeted Foo Fighters and Kasabian‘s recent records […]Read More

Live Review: Parka // Leadmill, Sheffield 07.12.14

Anybody who has come down to the Leadmill this evening for the launch of Parka’ Ego Trip EP is lucky enough to get not one, not two, but five bands for their money’s worth. Tonight showcases just some of the talented artists who make up the DIY music scene in Yorkshire at the moment: Under […]Read More

EP Review: ‘Neath The Moon // Loor a Los Heroes

‘Neath The Moon is the latest release from Loor a Los Heroes, a delightful jangly entity that’s bound to get your head bopping – embarrassingly, as I found – if you listen to it in public. ‘Lucy’ is a carefully controlled little number with a dominating vocal that compliments the percussion perfectly. When we reviewed […]Read More

Single Review: American Beauty/American Psycho // Fall Out Boy

Following the successful release of two new songs earlier this year, and mysterious tweets from bassist Pete Wentz (“took a left when we were expected to take a right”), there were high expectations for the radio premiere of ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’, the title track of Fall Out Boy’s 6th studio album. The band certainly delivered […]Read More

Live Review: Orwells // Leadmill, Sheffield, 22.11.14

Mario Cuomo is mere inches from my face and we’re both screaming the lyrics to ‘Mallrats (La La La)’: “La La La La La La La La” (don’t worry I know it’s tricky, but after a few listens you should be able to pick it up). There are two security guards sweating profusely as they […]Read More

Track Review: Juvenile Love // The SSS

The SSS’ new B Side ‘Juvenile Love’ (to forthcoming single ‘Find A Way’) is a delightfully simplistic melody that imparts a bittersweet message about juvenile romance to listeners. The gentle acoustic strumming which opens the track is a welcome change, the track’s musical simplicity allows for full appreciation of a beautiful lyrical. The xylophone used […]Read More

Album Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Self-Titled)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds marks the most inspired, complex and aesthetic piece of music by Noel Gallagher since What’s the Story (Morning Glory). It begins with ‘Everybody’s on the Run,’ a cinematic track featuring a 100-piece choir, a 24-piece orchestra and some of Noel’s most emotive lyrics. The state of freedom portrayed is echoed in […]Read More

Track Review: What You Say Girl // Vendettas

Vendettas, the ‘Britmod’ trio of lads from Leeds, only formed last year and already they’re on their way to becoming a front-runner in the revival of the 60s mod scene. They are sure of how they want to sound: the band takes inspiration from the greats of the 60s alongside the recklessness of garage rock, throwing […]Read More

Live Review: Reverend & the Makers // O2 Academy, Sheffield,

John McClure reckons that the Rev Army could take on the Directioners or Beliebers in a fight. I reckon we could take both at the same time, given the intensity of Saturday night’s show at Sheffield’s O2 Academy. Many of the audience, myself included, were back for another bouncetastic (that’s totally a word) evening – […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Beth Kirkbride

This week it’s the turn of Editor Beth Kirkbride to describe her life in five songs. It’s tougher than it sounds to pick but she’s narrowed it down to five (and we’re really sorry about the inclusion of Taylor Swift …) Wherever You Will Go // The Calling How many of you can say that […]Read More

Single Review: Pinkie’s Little Light // The Savage Nomads

The Savage Nomads’ latest effort ‘Pinkie’s Little Light’ is the result of an invitation from Fugazi to go and record in NYC – and they’ve done a damned good job of it, too! With a catchy, intricate melody and assured vocal (evocative of Spector’s Fred Macpherson at points), this track is a worthy investment indeed. […]Read More

EP Review: Lost In The Night // Palace

Palace’s ‘Lost In The Night’ EP is a record that oneself can truly get lost in. The lead vocal is full of meaty substance and is not dissimilar to bands such as Dog Is Dead or The Crookes. The rhetorical “why am I bitter, bitter, bitter?” is made for being chanted back to the band […]Read More

EP Review: Masquerade // The Brookes

Opener ‘Fade Away’ has a melody that is best described as liquid endorphins – it’s a whirlwind listen from start to finish. The vocal is driving and powerful and the catchy instrumental even more so. “Maybe I wanna fade away / from all the things you said” is a line that is simply made for […]Read More