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My Life in Books: Alicia Boukersi

Someone recently asked me if I still enjoy writing for fun, when I have to do so much of it for work. “Don’t you get bored of it?”, they pondered. Without even thinking about it, I nodded and laughed. Well, of course I do. The same goes for reading. Yes, sometimes I regard it as […]Read More

My Life In Books: Steph Green

When Ernest Hemingway said that “there is no friend as loyal as a book”, he succinctly encapsulated the way in which bibliophiles consume and adore literature. A good book can transform a dull afternoon, while away a long train journey, transport you to the dazzling unknown, and help to nurture your imagination in the most […]Read More

My Life in Books: Annabelle Fuller

Over time I’ve explored many different books from a variety of genres. Having always had a passion for literature, these books have made me laugh, made me cry, brought new issues to my attention and completely altered my perspective on many things. These five are a few of my absolute favourites – books that have […]Read More

My Life in Books: Gabriel Rutherford

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved books. From my parents reading books to me, to struggling with Crime and Punishment (I gave up halfway through), I’ve read constantly. In primary school, I even used to get in trouble for reading while the teacher was talking! So, I thought I’d pay tribute to all […]Read More

My Life In Books: Selene Mortimore

Reading is a hugely integral part of my life; before I could read on my own my parents would read to me daily. When I could finally read alone I would read anything I could get my hands on, and typically when my Dad came back from business trips he would have a few books […]Read More

My Life In Books: Heather Moss

This week, have a look at the books that take the top 5 places on the list of Heather’s favourites. Harry Potter // J.K. Rowling Chronologically, unless we count Big Red Ball, this captivating and, well, magical series of books is the forerunner of my list. Honestly, I think that if I was ranking them by […]Read More

My Life In Books: Megan Harding

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been completely in love with the art of reading. I was an early talker and writer, which many say doesn’t influence a lot of your later life, but for me I feel like it predicted the path I would take: reading anything and everything, taking pleasure in […]Read More

My Life In Books: Rosie Coleman Collier

When I was in reception, my school report said something like “Rosie tends to choose the library corner in her spare time.” Fourteen years later and that love of books and reading hasn’t disappeared, to the point where I hope to go on next year to read more in an English Literature degree. As cliché […]Read More

My Life In Books: Melissa Churchill

From an early age I have always been encouraged to read; my Mum and I both share a passion for books and have helped each other through many book hangovers. For me, a book is a friend. It can help you through difficult periods and make life seem a little less lonely. A book somehow […]Read More

My Life In Books: Tim Goodfellow

I’ve loved books since a very young age and I have always been pretty good at reading them. I now study the art of book reading and as a result of peaking academically at GCSE, I actually struggle to find the time to simply read for pleasure, instead I’m weighed down by the mix of wonderful […]Read More

My Life In Books: Kirstie Sutherland

I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember. English was my best subject at school and I loved it (so much so I now study it at university). I’d always be that kid in class who would revel in ‘quiet time’ so I could get on with the next chapter of the book […]Read More

My Life In Books: Joe Lewin

Books have always played a big part in my life; while others chose to go outside, I chose a new intriguing book. Books have been a dear friend to me providing the escapism to console myself no matter what life may have thrown at me; so here are just a few of my life-changing books. […]Read More

My Life In Books: Kelly Lentz

Despite studying towards my English Literature degree, most of the life-changing books I’ve read were written by authors that are, well, anything but English. I am dubious as to what that might say about me – I hope it means I’m well-read, or at least versatile, but I suspect it means I am too undisciplined […]Read More

My Life In Books: Juliette Rowsell

Unlike most wannabe Literature students, I didn’t get into Literature until a relatively late age. While yeah, I’d always enjoyed reading, my book collection had never strayed far beyond A Series of Unfortunate Events and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. However, this all changed at the tender age of thirteen. It was at this age […]Read More

My Life In Books: Megan Stanley

Another lazy Sunday: What does that mean, you ask? It means it’s time for another ‘My Life in Books.’ This week, it’s Megan Stanley’s turn to write about the books that define her life. Matilda // Roald Dahl The brilliant words of Roald Dahl have captured the imagination of children worldwide, and I am no […]Read More