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My Life In Books: Megan Bakewell

A New Year, a new-ish tradition for The Indipendent’s Books section. This week, Megan writes about the five books that managed to make a lasting impression on her in ways no other books did. Intrigued? Read on, good friends… The Famous Five // Enid Blyton Take me back a few years and I can remember […]Read More

My Life In Books: Beth Kirkbride

I have always loved the escape that a good book provides; whether it’s winter time and you’re curled in your favourite armchair with a hot drink, or you’re lounging on a deckchair by a pool somewhere exotic. The great thing about reading as a hobby is that it is untrammelled by the seasons, the time […]Read More

My Life In Books: Caitlin O’Connor

There’s something about literature that intrigued me from a young age, prompting a love that I hope will last forever. I’ve always been in awe of stories and interested in finding out little details of lives I’ve never known, in whichever form of storytelling I come to know of them, but the beauty and effortlessness […]Read More