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My Life in Songs: Anthony J Cody

I won’t lie, over the years I have gone literally from one extreme to the other as far as music is concerned; from Nicki Minaj (dark times) to Guns ‘n’ Roses, my musical taste has changed more times than Taylor Swift’s relationship status. For this list, I’ll be sharing the songs that have played a […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Sarah Turner

Waterloo Sunset // The Kinks The earliest memories of music I have are thanks to my dad. I can remember being tiny enough to sit, curled up in his acoustic guitar case, and I would watch and listen contentedly whilst he played countless renditions of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones hits. A […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Hannah Campbell

You won’t find many people who’ve gone through as much musical taste change as I have. Here’s a rundown of five songs that have impacted my life, or simply stuck around long enough so that I just have to mention them. She’s Not Afraid // One Direction I could lie and say that my taste […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Joe Connell

My musical journey has been treacherous (I’ve owned an Aiden album) yet hugely rewarding throughout my life. This is a snapshot of some of the songs that have defined and influenced my musical preference over the years. Papercut // Linkin Park Ah, a nice dose of nostalgia. I was seven around the time that Linkin […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Megan Wilson

My life has always been influenced heavily by music. I grew up in a big family which meant I heard a lot of different musical styles and was exposed to a long list of genres. Picking five tracks that document my life so far wasn’t an easy task – after all, as a general lover of […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Jake Marley

Anyone who knows me, knows that music rules my life. In every sense of the word rule. Whether that be ruling my sleeping pattern, my bank balance or my mood. If I’m not in HMV or a dingy Independent record store, I’m at a gig, if I’m not at a gig I’m at home trawling through Soundcloud for […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Rob Lanterman

My father used to play guitar and my mom sang in our church choir while I was growing up, so I was always around music in some way or another. However I didn’t really dig my heels in until I was 11 years old and heard a Blink-182 song. My life has been one huge […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Sophie McEvoy

Music has always been my backbone. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do in life, whether that be playing it or writing about it. I grew up listening to classic and prog rock gods like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Genesis through my parents, which really laid out the foundations as to why […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Alexander Bradley

By The Way // Red Hot Chili Peppers [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnfyjwChuNU] The opening track to what I widely consider as ‘my favourite album ever’. As a full front-to-back album it is perfect and ‘By The Way’ is the instigator to all that. The album sees John Frusciante do what Stanley Kubrick did to The Shining. He […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Kirsty Jackson

Anyone who knows me knows how much I value music, I’m often seen in the corner of the dingy HMV in town looking through the albums and the vinyl that are stacked in the corner. It’s been at the forefront of relationships I’ve formed in the past both romantic and platonic. It’s helped me get through […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Aaron Spencer

Eton Rifles // The Jam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJRmrlkYdsQ My earliest memory of music started in the back of a car. Most journeys consisted of a cassette being played called The Sound of the Suburbs. It was a compilation album of the late 70s and early 80s. Timeless anthemic terrace bands played through the car stereo such as […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Thomas Johnson

Meat Is Murder // The Smiths I had to start with a Smiths song, it just made sense, but which one? I’ve opted for ‘Meat Is Murder’, not necessarily my all-time favourite track from Morrissey and company, but it is a powerful and meaningful song that highlights why The Smiths were such an incredibly intriguing […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Cady Siregar

Come On Eileen //  Dexys Midnight Runners Without a doubt the best four-and-a-half-minutes of a song in the entire world. And galaxy. And universe. Of all time. From the unorthodox folky fiddle intro, to the infectiously catchy dance beat, and each truly singable (shoutable) verse, I say with as much confidence as I can that […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Emmie Morris

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker // Sandi Thom Right, let’s just get the most cringe song on this list out of the way now. This used to be my favourite song. It’s perhaps the first song I can ever remember really taking a liking to; I would sing it constantly, and occasionally during […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Tony Diver

Take A Walk On The Wild Side // Lou Reed OK, so I guess this might be the part where I reveal that I identify strongly with transvestite itinerant bar workers, backroom profligates and rent boys. Alas, somewhat more worryingly, Lou Reed’s classic number simply brings back memories of my childhood. It’s all due to […]Read More