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Calling NHS Staff ‘Heroes’ Does More Harm than Good

Twelve months ago, if someone said the word hero you might have thought of Spiderman, Superman, or the Avengers. Now you hear the word hero, and your mind drifts to a doctor, nurses, or keyworkers. The changes to the world in the last year have led society to change its views and opinions. Some people […]Read More

A Duty Of Care: A Mental Health Epidemic At UK

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to suicidal thoughts. If you are affected by any of the issues mentioned please contact a mental health support line. In November 2018, I sat in the harsh light of a university counselling office and told the lady sitting opposite me, through tears, that I was thinking about ending […]Read More

‘Arresting Our Way Out of Drug Problems’: Should We Continue

Weed, draw, bud, wacky baccy, Uncle Bob’s crafty cabbage. Aside from the last one which I clearly just made up, these are all aliases of cannabis, Britain’s most popular illegal drug. According to a recent YouGov survey, 48% of the British public favour legalising the recreational use of the plant, with just 24% opposed to […]Read More

What Exactly Is The ‘Better Health’ Campaign?

In a bid to tackle the ever growing issue of obesity throughout Britain, we have seen a brand new strategy unleashed which aims to help begin the nation’s weight loss. The government have announced a new campaign titled ‘Better Health’. This has the goal of putting measures in place that will improve our health and […]Read More

Mural, Mural On The Wall, Which Is The Fairest Of

Walking around Northern Ireland, but particularly Belfast, you cannot help but notice the multitude of murals across the city. Whilst there are so many, I don’t think this article can credibly suggest ‘which is the fairest of them all.’ Nor can the murals’ narrative be seen as a fairy tale. But it will certainly highlight […]Read More