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The Idea of “Englishness” Should Not Belong to The Far-right

A common trait of liberal and left-wing English people is that they are ashamed to be English. This is because we see the behaviour of people like Nigel Farage or Steven Yaxley-Lennon, who declare themselves proud of their Englishness, proud to represent English culture against the forces of wokeness that try to destroy it. Antifeminist […]Read More

Was isolation what made Britain great?

This week, the people of Britain will vote in a referendum which will determine Britain’s future and add a substantial number of pages to the history books of the future. But with the debate so far consisting of the throwing back-and-forth of criticisms and praises of the EU, there is a vital topic missing. Did […]Read More

Why You Should Vote…UKIP

During the countdown to this year general election, one party has repeatedly stood out for its controversial policies and leader: charismatic lizard look-alike Nigel Farage. That party is UKIP. The UK Independence Party lies on firmly on the right wing of the British political spectrum, as evidenced through the numerous Tory defectors to UKIP over […]Read More

Brand And Farage Time

Last week’s episode of Question Time saw the meeting of self declared revolutionary Russell Brand and the slimy, self declared  “I’m-not-a -racist-but-er”, Nigel Farage. It was just as heated and oozing with insults as expected, but also highlighted some really important issues in both personalities and the way we all engage in politics. Let’s start […]Read More