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Balancing Fitness And Fun: Top 5 Exercise Games

Once again, a lockdown brings restrictions on how and where we can exercise. With gyms, swimming pools, and other indoor facilities closed, the act of keeping in shape has been limited to outdoor pursuits or activities in your own home. If you don’t fancy pounding the dark icy roads, or trying to keep up with […]Read More

New Nintendo Guidelines Ban the Use of Politics in Animal

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released at the best time possible for establishing a sense of community in an otherwise isolated time. Just as we found ourselves confined to our homes for an indeterminate period, Nintendo’s latest addition to its most heart-warming franchise was nothing short of a lockdown miracle. Though locked indoors, gamers began […]Read More

Why Rin Was A Welcome Addition in Catherine: Full Body

*THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR CATHERINE: FULL BODY* I have a complicated relationship with Catherine. Developed by Atlus – the team behind the Persona franchise – this self-described ‘unconventional romantic horror’ title was released all the way back in 2011, when I was 11 myself. I have many a vivid memory of an awkward […]Read More

Gaming News: Analogue Pocket Delayed Until May 2021

With Playstation and Xbox dominating the console wars, retro-gaming hardware maker Analogue has seized the opportunity to take on the handheld market, announcing the Analogue Pocket for launch in 2020. Unfortunately, the company announced in a thread on Twitter that the Analogue Pocket has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and won’t be shipping […]Read More

Gaming News: Kobe Bryant honoured on NBA 2K21 ‘Mamba Forever’

Kobe Bryant’s legacy as The Black Mamba’s continues, as 2K Games announced the former Los Angeles Lakers star will feature as the cover athlete of the third and final edition of NBA 2K21.  Celebrating ‘a lifetime achievement of basketball excellence‘, officials from 2K Games stated that Bryant would feature on two versions of the Mamba […]Read More

Game Review: Pokémon Isle of Armor

eleased in 2019 Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield brought the Pokemon franchise to the Nintendo switch. Sword and Shield are an amazing addition to the franchise with a beautiful story and great graphics. The expansion pack – Isle of Armor was released this month, capturing all the fun of the base game in a sweet new adventure.Read More