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Two Fitness Focused Games You May Have Missed

Keeping fit and gaming appear to be a recipe for sales success. A well-known example that combined the two effectively was Nintendo’s Wii Fit, from 2007. There are a slew of fitness focused videogame releases out there and in this feature we’ll take a look at two you may have missed. Game One: UFC Personal […]Read More

Final Games Of Consoles Past: Edition Two

Many technology products have a limited lifespan before being phased out and replaced with something brand new, and game consoles are no different. In the second edition of this feature, we delve into the last ever European releases for some more well-known game systems. The consoles being focused on this time are: Nintendo GameCube, the […]Read More

Three US Games That Didn’t Make It To The UK

While many games reach global audiences, there are also many that don’t get that far. In this article we delve into three games from the US that never made it to the UK.  Game One: Mario Super Sluggers (2008) As everyone’s favourite platforming plumber, it’s not surprising that Mario has been the star of numerous […]Read More

New Nintendo Guidelines Ban the Use of Politics in Animal

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released at the best time possible for establishing a sense of community in an otherwise isolated time. Just as we found ourselves confined to our homes for an indeterminate period, Nintendo’s latest addition to its most heart-warming franchise was nothing short of a lockdown miracle. Though locked indoors, gamers began […]Read More

Voting Opens For Golden Joystick Awards 2020

GamesRadar today announced that public voting has opened for the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards, which will be an online ceremony as with similar awards events this year. 18 categories are available for the public to vote on, including awards for Nintendo, Playstation, PC and Xbox Games of the Year respectively. Additional key categories available for […]Read More

Gaming News: Nintendo Responds to Smash Bros. Abuse Allegations

In an uncharacteristic move for the Japanese company, Nintendo has issued a formal statement addressing allegations of sexual abuse and assault within the Super Smash Bros. community. Nintendo described the instances as “absolutely impermissible” and stated that they “condemn all acts of violence, harassment, and exploitation against anyone and that we stand with the victims”. […]Read More