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Legendary British Director Sir Alan Parker Passes Away Aged 76

The British film industry suffered a blow today with the news Sir Alan Parker’s passing at the age of 76 after a lengthy illness. Parker was born in Islington, North London to Elsie, a dressmaker, and William, a house painter. He started his career in the late 1960’s directing TV commercials before going on to […]Read More

Obituary: Olivia De Havilland dies aged 104

The Golden Age sets further on the hills of Hollywood with the passing of Olivia De Havilland, at the age of 104. Havilland was one of the few left from Hollywood’s Golden Age, an era of glitz, glamour, heroes and heroines. The British-American actress is best known for her role as Melanie Hamilton opposite Vivien […]Read More

Obituary: Nick Cordero

Tony nominated actor Nick Cordero has died in Los Angeles after contracting Coronavirus and struggling with severe medical complications. Cordero spent around ninety-five days in Cendars-Sinai Hospital before he died aged just forty-one, leaving behind his wife, Amanda Kloots, and his young son. The Broadway community grieves for an actor with so much more still […]Read More

Obituary: The Giant Who Stole All The Tonys, Harold Prince

No single figure in modern, popular theatre has been associated with the amount of ground-breaking theatrical hits that Broadway director and producer Harold Prince has. After passing away at the age ninety-one, working just under seventy years in the industry, he has left us with an unparalleled legacy of political and musical masterworks to enjoy, […]Read More

In Memory of Charles Kennedy

This week, modern British politics lost one of its greatest and most loved characters. Charles Kennedy was among the rarest of politicians; a man of principle, loved by his constituents, admired by his peers and respected by all those who had the fortune to meet him. It is rarer still to find someone who, upon […]Read More