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Track Review: Robots // October Drift

Not much is known about October Drift due to their surprising lack of an online presence (one they say is down to wanting their music to “spread organically” as opposed to “spoon feeding people”), however this bewildering mysteriousness only further fuels their overall intrigue. They’ve somehow managed to sell out half the shows on their debut tour on word […]Read More

Track Review: You Are, You Are // October Drift

October Drift take their influences from The Smashing Pumpkins, and My Bloody Valentine. Hailing from London, the band have kept a mysteriously low profile, however despite this, their reputation has blossomed through word-of-mouth and this has culminated in the band selling out their debut tour. Recently, they released their new single, ‘You Are, You Are’. […]Read More

Single Review: Whoever // October Drift

Somerset-spawned shoegazers October Drift have been performing together for just a year, playing a series of unobtrusive, low-profile gigs that created a word-of-mouth buzz so fervent it resulted in the newcomers selling out one date on their debut tour before even releasing a single track. This being their first single, ‘Whoever’ no doubt aimed to […]Read More

Live Review: Savage Nomads & October Drift // The Rocking

The Rocking Chair is one of Sheffield’s most intimate live music venues. Perfect for bands with a small but devoted fanbase, perhaps working on honing their live performance before attempting to draw larger crowds, the venue is pragmatically described as “cosy” but put not quite so politely as being “a little bit cramped”. Hardly surprising […]Read More