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It’s Not Ok To Feel Blue – and Other Lies

Usually when I submit an article for review, it is indeed that, a review. But when I picked up Scarlett Curtis’ It’s Not Ok To Feel Blue – and Other Lies I realised that in no way, could I even think about reviewing such a book as this. I’m writing this, simply, because it’s something […]Read More

Book Review: It Only Happens in the Movies // Holly

Being a teenager is difficult. For most of us reading this, we’ve been there, done that and got umpteen t-shirts to show for it. Add in newly divorced parents, a brother you never see, mounting schoolwork, and a UCAS application, all while dealing with a break-up from the boy you thought you’d marry, it’s easy […]Read More

Book Review: Three Things About Elsie // Joanna Cannon

The past is funny place. For some of us, it’s good. For some of us, it’s bad. For some, it sits in the middle, simply bordering on whether it needs to be spoken about or not. For Florence Claybourne, the past is an almighty landscape of confusion, betrayal and bewilderment, offset by a man called […]Read More

TV Review: Cuffs

When the BBC aired an advert for a new, modern police drama called Cuffs, I was unsure. Hadn’t The Bill already set the tone for this kind of thing? Was it wise to create another programme that would see characters tackle crime, criminals and, in some cases, each other? Absolutely. Over the course of its eight episode stint, Cuffs […]Read More