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‘GLOW’ cancelled in latest COVID-related blow to TV

Earlier this week, Netflix announced that it was cancelling its dramedy series GLOW after three seasons. The news shocked fans, as Netflix had previously confirmed a fourth and final season and production was already well underway. In September 2019, Netflix announced the renewal of GLOW for a fourth and final season. Three weeks into filming […]Read More

Book Review: Agnes at the End of the World //

Kelly McWilliams’ debut novel, Agnes at the End of the World, has a unique premise that was perfectly suited to its timely release in the lockdown of August 2020. Slotting itself into the dystopian genre, this apocalyptic novel follows two sisters who live in a fundamentalist cult.  The oldest sibling, Agnes, regularly meets with a […]Read More

Don’t Let COVID-19 Make Our Society Any Less Compassionate

On February 15 this year, Caroline Flack of Love Island fame was reported to have committed suicide. Just under a month later, on March 11, the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. In the wake of both events, we were given a simple message: be kind. Don’t say anything […]Read More

Restoring the Status-Quo Should Not Be our Post-COVID Goal

The pandemic lockdowns sparked changes in society that would have been unthinkable just last year. Trapped indoors, the crisis has deprived everyone of their normal routines and transformed the way many of us think of the world surrounding us.  It has forced us to reshape our priorities and values and this is something that must […]Read More

‘Mulan’ Due To Release On Disney+… for $29.99

Disney’s live action Mulan has finally been given a firm release date after being pushed multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic. The film will bypass cinemas to release direct to Disney+ on 4 September, but viewers will have to pay $29.99 on top of their subscription fee to watch the film (pricing outside the […]Read More

Why I Would Go To A Socially Distanced Gig

We’re well into the new normal stage of the battle against coronavirus now, where life is ours to have and attempt to enjoy, with compromise and curbs to prevent us going into a nationwide lockdown all over again. We can have back the things we were missing or at least a watered-down version of them. Read More

The Government’s Roadmap To Reopen Theatres: A Package Of Empty

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns around the world, has impacted on everyone. Every aspect of our lives has been changed radically – and many people have suffered as a result. The industry most disproportionately affected by Coronavirus is the arts and culture sector. Theatres and cultural venues across the UK were […]Read More

The Invisible Crises: Protecting Human Rights During a Pandemic

It has been nearly 5 months since the first evidence of a viral outbreak was detected in the city of Wuhan. Since December 2019, we have seen significant loss on both the personal and governmental level, with over 9,000,000 infections and 475,123 deaths (all statistics correct as of 23/06/2020) around the world, and the crippling […]Read More

Film: What Can Monsters, Inc. Teach Us About Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus was officially classified a pandemic, people turned to film and TV as a means of escapism, distraction and making sense of it all. Comparisons between the state of affairs and a slew of fiction have abounded. Some have spotted predictions of Tom Hanks’ Coronavirus infection in The Simpsons, while others have marvelled […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: MythBusters Edition

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be more questionable information on the internet than ever. From headlines telling us not to worry because it’s ‘just the flu’ to news outlets telling us that the virus was deliberately manufactured by Chinese scientists to achieve world domination. It’s a tough job for anyone […]Read More