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The Problem with Peterson’s ‘Cultural Marxism’

Jordan Peterson is one of the largest forefront thinkers in Canada. You probably know his name from his recent book ‘The 12 Rules for Life’ or his lesser-known but more important work ‘Maps of Meaning’. If not, you may probably know him as the professor that ‘owned’ a Channel 4 news anchor in a viral […]Read More

Book Review: The Soul Of The World // Roger Scruton

In Roger Scruton one finds a man in turn both dull and fascinating, occasionally brilliant and occasionally repulsive. He is – gasp – a known conservative, who has – gasp – previously written uncomplimentary things apropos homosexuality. Nonetheless, if you can prize from deep within the socially liberal heart some curiosity and pick up the works […]Read More

A Desire for Faith

The influence of religion is fading away in society, and people are finding new, alternative ways to structure their ethical and moral beliefs.  Christianity used to be the dominant religion of the UK and now the country shares many more faiths. The Christian holidays and festivals, like Easter and Christmas, still remain part of many […]Read More

Versus Smoking – Part Two

Welcome back. I’m trying to quit smoking, and I’m using literature, philosophy and the President of the United States to do it. Let’s continue. Addiction, as we have seen, is tied to emptiness – a hunger. Smoking belies satisfaction and has carcinogenic, mutagenic and ultimately deathly properties. So, in order to overcome the real crux […]Read More

Versus Smoking – Part One

Welcome. I am trying to quit smoking. The following is a conduction of a kind of self-therapy through which I try to learn more about smoking and addiction by analysing both literary fragments (admittedly scant) which muse upon smoking and my own mind/consciousness, with the eventual goal being some sort of developed or more thorough […]Read More