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Varda by Agnès: A Swan Song for a Legend of

It saddens me a little at how late I joined the party when discovering Agnès Varda’s work. It was only in the last couple of years that the enigmatic director, with her signature half-dyed bob haircut, was dropped in my lap countless times with film magazine editorials and an entire issue of Sight and Sound […]Read More

Review: Granta Magazine

Around this time last year, I was writing a Christmas list and looking for something a bit more imaginative to put on it (something that gets harder with each year). I decided I would ask for a subscription to a renowned literary journal. As you do. Granta is a long standing and widely read literary […]Read More

In Focus: A Panel On Music Photography

Ever wondered what it’s like being a music photographer? Well, look no further. This weekend House Of Vans is presenting In Focus: A Panel On Music Photography, an exclusive insight into the life of a music photographer. Bringing in a group of esteemed music photographers from the music industry, the panel will discuss their most memorable […]Read More

Stop Taking Photos in Art Galleries!

Picture this scenario. You are standing a few feet from a small square painting. It is a priceless da Vinci, titled Ginevra de Benci – a petite but stunning work that is the only of the artist’s in North America. You want to get closer, to observe Ginevra’s flawless porcelain skin that almost seems to glow – thanks […]Read More

Gallery: The Magic Gang

Patrick Gunning snapped these photos of Brighton-based band, The Magic Gang, on Friday. He also shot the two support acts, Breathe Panel and The Big Moon. The Magic Gang Breathe Panel The Big MoonRead More

Gallery: The Barmines

Our photographer Hannah Woollaston caught up with Indie rock outfit, The Barmines at The Wardrobe in Leeds. (The venue, that is, not the item of furniture – would’ve been a bit of a squeeze).Read More

Gallery: Blossoms

Consisting of Tom Ogden (Voice/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass/BVs), Josh Dewhurst (Lead Guitar/Auxiliary Percussion), Joe Donovan (Drums) and Myles Kellock (Keyboards/BVs), there’s definitely a lot of work behind Blossoms, who define their sound as ‘Ethereal Nostalgic Sonance’. Our photographer Hannah Woollaston caught up with the band before their York show.Read More

Gallery: Palma Violets

Hannah Woollaston, caught up with Palma Violets prior to a small show they put on at the Lincoln Imp on 30th January as part of Independent Venue Week. Read her interview here.  Read More

Gallery: Passport To Stockholm

London based four piece, Passport to Stockholm, have been pumping fresh air into the lungs of the acoustic genre since forming in 2012. Armed with acoustic guitars, cellos, harmonicas, banjoleles, loop pedals, stomp boxes and pretty much anything else they can get their hands on.Read More