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Piece Of The Week: Sick Film // Martin Creed

Sick Film, created in 2006 by Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed, does what it says on the tin. The work is a series of videos which sees a variety of people walking into clean white rooms and proceeding to shove their fingers down their throats in order to force themselves to vomit. It’s everything […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Lobster Trap And Fish Tail //

In light of the new Tate Modern exhibition in celebration of the works of Alexander Calder, it’s of course only apt to make this week’s Piece Of The Week a Calder. Calder can be credited with creating the mobile. In art, this is a type of kinetic art that requires intricate balancing and suspending and […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Fountain // Marcel Duchamp

For this week’s Piece Of The Week, I thought it only appropriate to celebrate someone whom could be considered the godfather of contemporary art, and conceptualism (no sniggering please). If you didn’t guess that I’m speaking of Duchamp, then you’ll be forgiven. If you didn’t guess Fountain, well, that’s a bit harder to forgive. Fountain […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: The Only Blonde In The World

For This Week’s Piece Of The Week it seems only suitable that, like the Tate Modern, we go Pop. You may or may not be aware, but the Tate Modern currently has a Pop Art exhibition going on, that opened last week, but with a twist. When Pop Art is mentioned, it’s likely that you’ll […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Sunflower Seeds // Ai Weiwei

If you’ve read the news in the past few days, it’s possible you will have seen the name Ai Weiwei, or even read an article on him. For those of you who haven’t, Ai Weiwei is a Chinese political and conceptual artist. There are many reasons why Weiwei has been in the news recently, and […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Bacchus #3 // Elaine De Kooning

For this week’s Piece Of The Week, it’s a look back into history. The Denver Art Museum has recently announced a major exhibition of female Abstract Expressionists. Abstract Expressionism was a movement that was almost wholly male dominated, with very few women achieving critical acclaim. Even today when we speak of Abstract Expressionism we tend […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Heartbeat // Charles Petillon

  This week’s Piece Of The Week comes in the form of a very special, public installation piece. The piece in question is Charles Petillon’s ‘Heartbeat’.   If you’ve been to Covent Garden in the past few days, you may have noticed something a little different when walking through, if you wondered what the huge […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Just What Is It That Makes

For this week’s ‘Piece Of The Week’ it seems apt to go into the world of Pop Art to celebrate with BBC 4’s dedicated week to Pop Art. It seems only right to go to the origins of Pop Art. This week the title of Piece Of The Week goes to Richard Hamilton’s ‘Just What […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Casa Tomada // Rafael Gómezbarros

Selene Mortimore launches the Indiependent’s Piece of the Week feature this week, with ‘Casa Tomada’ by  Rafael Gomezbarros. To start off the ‘Piece of the Week’ feature, it was a hard choice to decide on a really outstanding piece. There are so many brilliant historical and contemporary pieces to choose from. It’s difficult to say […]Read More