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Album Review: Curve of The Earth // Mystery Jets

2016 sees the return of many bands, and here we have the sixth studio album Curve Of The Earth, by Mystery Jets. This came as the first new taste of music since the release of the Americana influenced Radlands, back in 2012. Curve Of The Earth opens with ‘Telomere’; with an electronic opening to the […]Read More

The Sound of the Working Class

Those who argue that class struggles were a feature of Victorian Britain alone are too far up the social ladder to understand how the other half live. Under Conservative rule, the level of poverty is increasing. With the rising number of families part of the ‘working poor’ – an umbrella term to describe those who […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Sophie McEvoy

Music has always been my backbone. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do in life, whether that be playing it or writing about it. I grew up listening to classic and prog rock gods like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Genesis through my parents, which really laid out the foundations as to why […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: The Madcap Laughs // Syd

Syd Barrett proved himself as a master of psychedelia with his startling solo debut, which backlashed his removal as the frontman of Pink Floyd. The Madcap Laughs is a 46-year-old obituary to the overt creativity of the 1960s. The album is middle-aged and yet continues to zephyr an air of vitality in the way it holds […]Read More