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Here’s Why Short Films Deserve Better

During lockdown earlier this year, Disney launched its successful streaming site Disney+ and with that, our childhoods were unlocked. Every single Disney film, with the additions of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises all at the click of a button. But while all these films are brilliant, Disney also added an extensive range of short […]Read More

‘Luca’ Announced as Next Original Pixar Film

Although it looks like we might have to wait a little while longer to get our Pixar fix on the big screen with the release of Soul being delayed until 20 November, the classic animation studio is keeping fans happy with details on their newest project, Luca. A coming-of-age fantasy film, Luca feels like the […]Read More

Film News: Trailer Released for Pixar’s ‘Soul’

While Disney has been churning out stale, emotionally-lacking remakes of their nineties golden-era films in live action or hyperreal CGI form, film lovers have still been holding quiet hope for their subsidiary company, Pixar, to deliver the fun, nostalgic, and weepy animation we deserve. Enter Soul, an upcoming animation film starring Jamie Foxx and Tina […]Read More

Film News: Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2 release

Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios have confirmed the release dates of two highly anticipated sequels; the second installation of The Incredibles, and the fourth of the Toy Story films. Pixar are the minds behind the most successful animated films of the 21st century and, as such, these release dates come as exciting information for many. Toy Story 4 and […]Read More

Film News: LGBTQ couple in the new Finding Dory trailer?

The new trailer for Disney Pixar’s long awaited Finding Dory has been released and is already producing massive online-debate. After its release last week on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, many avid viewers pointed out one key aspect of the trailer: possible lesbian parents. You can see this rumoured scene take place a little after the minute […]Read More

Film Review: Inside Out

Inside Out (directed by Pete Docter and Renaldo del Carmen) is a heart warming film that unexpectedly pulls on the heart strings of all ages. Although the main target audience is children, people from all ages could learn something from this loveable flick. Often we find ourselves at war with our emotions, and to have this […]Read More