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Theatre Review: Listen, You Can Hear The Sound Of No

Ponder Theatre’s fifty-minute production of Listen, You Can Hear The Sound Of No Hands Clapping is written and directed by Melanie Noa Jehan, who devised her script by adapting John Milton’s Paradise Lost into an “avant-garde history play”. The piece follows six era-defining historical figures, such as Homer and Katherine Parr, who explore well-known works […]Read More

Book Feature: The Bizarre Comedy of The Bedsitting Room

“The contents of this book defy description”, writes the play’s editor, Bernard Miles. Spike Milligan and John Antrobus’ absurdist comedy first hit the stage back in 1963, both bewildering and delighting its audience members. Yet it should not be treated merely as nonsense; Milligan and Antrobus’ madness conceals great method within. Maybe I’m deluded in […]Read More

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child // J.K.

It’s been almost two decades since the Harry Potter franchise made its debut, with best-selling first instalment of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone back in 1997. In the 19 years that have elapsed, all-star author J.K. Rowling has followed up with six more chart-topping novels, each selling in excess of 50 million copies. The final chapter […]Read More

Drama Review: An Ideal Husband // Oscar Wilde

Many people recognise Oscar Wilde for his famous Gothic-style novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, or his well-known lighthearted comedy The Importance of Being Earnest – both excellent works of fiction. But I have found a new favourite in An Ideal Husband, which was written in 1893 and is charmingly satirical. The play centres around Sir Robert […]Read More

What to watch AFTER Valentine’s Day

Sick to death of all this Valentines business? Can’t even bare to think about ‘lovey dovey’ rom-coms right now? Well, lucky for you, we here at The Indiependent have compiled a list of films – from classic Tarantino flicks to a fascinating Swedish psychological study – that are sure to eradicate all traces of romance […]Read More