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Game Review: Spelunky 2

Released: September 2020 Rating: T (Violence, Blood, Simulated Gambling) The sequel to the cult-classic platform game, Spelunky, came out a couple of weeks ago (aptly titled Spelunky 2) and there are a lot of good things to say about it. Familiar, But Better Almost every new feature expands on what made the original so beloved, […]Read More

Eiyuden Chronicle: The Suikoden ‘Spiritual Successor’ That Crashed Kickstarter

Nearly fifteen years have passed since a mainstream Suikoden title hit the UK’s shelves. Despite being heralded as one of the greatest roleplaying series of all time, Konami have shown few signs of reviving the cult-classic from the ashes, much to the chagrin of Suikoden’s die-hard fans. Still, not all hope is lost, as JRPG fans have plenty to be excited about.   […]Read More

Gaming News: Kobe Bryant honoured on NBA 2K21 ‘Mamba Forever’

Kobe Bryant’s legacy as The Black Mamba’s continues, as 2K Games announced the former Los Angeles Lakers star will feature as the cover athlete of the third and final edition of NBA 2K21.  Celebrating ‘a lifetime achievement of basketball excellence‘, officials from 2K Games stated that Bryant would feature on two versions of the Mamba […]Read More

Gaming News: Dead Rising 4 PlayStation Release Confirmed

PlayStation has confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will be released on PlayStation 4 later this year. First released on Xbox One and PC in December 2016, this instalment of the survival horror series follows original protagonist Frank West as he makes a return to Willamette, the scene of the outbreak of the zombie epidemic. Unwrap […]Read More

Game Review: Resident Evil Zero HD

Release Date: January 19, 2016 Rating: M for Mature (Violence, Blood and Gore) Before the Arklay Mansion incident that set the foundation for a horror icon, Resident Evil Zero HD takes gamers back to the nightmare that Rebecca Chambers and Billy Cohen encountered. While Resident Evil HD demonstrated that fans prefer the traditional horror setup over […]Read More