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Ranking All The Pokémon Generations

I love Pokémon, it was one of the first games I played on my Nintendo DS, and one of the only franchises I keep up with. In fact I only got a Nintendo Switch so I could keep up with Pokémon. I recently reviewed Isle of Armor and with the next expansion pack (The Crown Tundra) for Pokémon Sword and Shield coming this Autumn, I thought I’d take my love of Pokémon a bit further. So here is my ranking of all the Pokémon generations. Read More

Game Review: Pokémon Isle of Armor

eleased in 2019 Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield brought the Pokemon franchise to the Nintendo switch. Sword and Shield are an amazing addition to the franchise with a beautiful story and great graphics. The expansion pack – Isle of Armor was released this month, capturing all the fun of the base game in a sweet new adventure.Read More