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Piece Of The Week: The Only Blonde In The World

For This Week’s Piece Of The Week it seems only suitable that, like the Tate Modern, we go Pop. You may or may not be aware, but the Tate Modern currently has a Pop Art exhibition going on, that opened last week, but with a twist. When Pop Art is mentioned, it’s likely that you’ll […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Just What Is It That Makes

For this week’s ‘Piece Of The Week’ it seems apt to go into the world of Pop Art to celebrate with BBC 4’s dedicated week to Pop Art. It seems only right to go to the origins of Pop Art. This week the title of Piece Of The Week goes to Richard Hamilton’s ‘Just What […]Read More

Art Review – Transmitting Andy Warhol

Spending a lot of time bedridden as a child allowed Warhol to draw, collect images of film stars and to ‘develop his personality’. He moved to New York in the 60s and, after finding fame in illustration, he turned to creating more obscure art such as the famous Campbell’s soup paintings and  his famous studio […]Read More