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Biology 101: Anatomy Of A Gay Anthem

Morning class, settle down please. I assume you’ve done the assigned reading, or assigned watching I should say: episodes 1-3 of It’s A Sin. I definitely see plenty of red-rimmed eyes. Alicia, did you watch it? We’re going to continue with our topic of gay anthems and today’s lesson also includes a dissection. No Dean, […]Read More

TV Review: ‘It’s A Sin’ – Russell T Davies’ Latest

If there’s been one running theme throughout writer Russell T Davies’ career, it’s been to not simply give more representation to LGBTQ+ individuals within British TV, but also explore their lives and relationships, rather than the oft simplistic punchlines they’d been in the past. Dramas like Queer as Folk not only normalised, but celebrated the […]Read More

The Indiependent’s Favourite LGBTQ+ Artists and Allies

June is Pride Month, which is a chance for the global LGBTQ+ community to peacefully protest and raise political awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, such as marriage equality, and transgender rights. As well as a month dedicated to lobbying for real, lasting change in a quest for intersectional equality, Pride is a […]Read More