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Orgasms Can’t Cure Mental Health – But They Can Improve

Both sex and mental health are thought to be taboo topics that people avoid talking about but society is slowly changing and opening up about them. There is a strong connection between the two as orgasms have both psychological and physical benefits. It is clear to see why we love them! It turns out orgasms […]Read More

Why Do We Use Endearments?

Within close, loving relationships, why don’t we always just stick with given names when addressing our significant others? Well, everyone calls your girlfriend by her name. But you want something special, a name that only you call her, a name that when she hears it, she smiles because she knows it’s you. And so, because […]Read More

A Guide To Surviving A Single Valentine’s Day

There’s no avoiding it, like a heart-shaped balloon it rises, unavoidable and garish; Valentine’s Day. Every year the red roses and the teddy bears holding signs saying “I love you” appear in the shops. Bright pink and red hearts cover every inch of every restaurant you go into. Except for this year of course, oddly […]Read More

‘Alive’ is a universal and profound look at what it

It’s a timeless question; what does it mean to be truly alive? In just under 15 minutes, Alive by Flying Solo! Presents offers us a humorous yet poignant answer. The storyline is simple, but its themes – death, freedom, life choices, dreams, and happiness – are universal and profound. Set in the living room of […]Read More

5 Things I Learnt In 2020

As this never-ending year finally limps to a close I find myself in much the same position as I started in. I am 23, still single, still working a part-time job in retail, and still living at home. And yet this year has changed me beyond what I could have expected. I am now the […]Read More

Finding Happiness In Letting Him Go

‘Falling for someone doesn’t mean forgetting your own self’ – Parul Nigram I’ve been a hopeless romantic for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses; immortalising each intimate moment as something special and unique. I recount my (seemingly scripted) dates back to my friends, as I indulge […]Read More

Long-Distance Relationships Can Survive Student Culture

There is an age-old question that many students will face throughout university; can a long-distance relationship survive the student culture? All I had to do was Google “do relationships last at university” to be met with a full page of negativity. Even The Guardian has published an article titled “Don’t even think about starting university […]Read More

Are Attitudes Towards Casual Sex Changing?

With the advent of Tinder and other dating apps, the way people meet has changed forever, but how are attitudes towards casual sex changing and what impact will the Coronavirus pandemic have? Existing research Relatively few studies have been conducted around the prevalence of one night stands in the UK specifically but broad societal overlaps […]Read More

Virtual Speed Dating: The Future For Singles?

I sit in bed, tinnie in hand, eagerly awaiting the handsome eligible bachelors that would soon be popping up on my screen. I’m not wearing my usual date attire, favouring holey Christmas pyjama bottoms from 2008 over jeans and a nice top. To be honest, I feel very content. No constraints of uncomfortable shoes; just […]Read More

Celebrating Bi Visibility Day

Also known as (Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Bisexual Pride Day, CBD, and Bisexual Pride), Bi Visibility Day is all about celebrating and raising awareness of bi+ identities. As defined by Robyn Ochs, bisexuality is “The potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at […]Read More

Navigating A Long-Term Relationship With Vaginismus

I did not discover that I suffered from vaginismus until I was in my twenties, and prior to that realisation I had never even heard of the disorder before. I suffer from primary vaginismus, and with a relatively complicated medical background and mental health issues, the diagnosis made perfect sense. However, even though the diagnosis […]Read More

5 Things I Learnt After A Long Term Relationship

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give- which is everything” Katherine Hepburn From a young age, with exposure to young adult novels and teen coming of age movies, the one goal for a lot of people is a relationship. We are […]Read More

Track Review: Girlfriend // Sheare

Sheare writes romantic songs about dating in the 21st century and being ghosted.  Earning comparisons to The 1975 and The Cure, he has earned support from the likes of Teen Vogue and The 405. He released a new track, ‘Girlfriend’ on September 13th. ‘Girlfriend’ is filled with beautiful electronic soundscapes which bring a warm summery […]Read More

A is for Ashley Madison Users Need YOU

Anyone familiar with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘A Scarlet Letter’ will be familiar with the story of Hester Prynne, a married woman who commits adultery in Puritan Boston and ends up pregnant with the pastor’s child. To recompense for her sin, she is forced by the community to wear a scarlet ‘A’ on her clothes as a […]Read More