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‘Run’ A Tense and Refreshing Thriller: Review

Run opens with a flashback scene, something this film makes use of frequently. We see an upset Diane Sherman (Sarah Paulson) after giving birth to a premature baby. Then we are propelled into the present day, seeing Diane and her 17-year-old daughter, Chloe (Kiera Allen). From the offset, a fast and jarring pace is set. […]Read More

Track Review: Salt Water Song // nicha

What sets Northern Irish singer-songwriter nicha apart from her contemporaries is her ability to absorb musical influence wherever she goes. Originally from Belfast, she packed up her things and left for Australia at the tender age of 18. After spending time busking in Sydney and Melbourne, she spent a stint of time in Kathmandu. The […]Read More

EP Review: Hitchhiking // Maya Law

Maya Law returns from a brief hiatus with her new Hitchhiking EP. The six-track record is filled with tender and stripped-back songs detailing her experiences following a break-up. Exploring themes of loneliness, pain and acceptance, Law has created a record that is both poignant and healing. Expertly moulding difficult moments into musical gold, Law’s authentic […]Read More

The Big ‘Line of Duty’ Recap You Need

Jed Mercurio’s hit police drama, Line of Duty, made a return to the BBC on Sunday, March 21. After two years of waiting, we can finally catch some more “bent coppers”.  Spoilers ahead (and brace yourself for acronyms)  We are first introduced to dodgy-looking copper DCI Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) from the Murder Investigation Team (MIT). She is later joined by […]Read More

Game Review: Mail Mole

Release Date: March 2021 Rating: E How the mighty have fallen! How did Undercoders go from an enjoyable 2D Metroidvania/platformer (SuperEpic: The Entertainment War) to a frustrating, lackluster game? Platformers are usually known for having simplistic stories and such is the case in Mail Mole. The main character Molty is on vacation, relaxing from delivering […]Read More

Track Review: Catching 22 // FJ Law

As a warm summer edges closer and closer, a lot of us will be imagining what our summers will be like after the fabled June 21st. With the ability to plan ahead becoming more certain, thoughts will turn to outfits, events and most importantly, music. Enter South-London based songwriter and producer FJ Law. His latest […]Read More

Game Review: Little Nightmares II

Released: February 2021 Rating: T (Blood and Violence) Disclaimer: Little Nightmares II review code was provided by Bandai Namco for the purposes of this review. That being said, all opinions expressed in this review are wholly my own. In 2017 Tarsier Studios released Little Nightmares, a simple yet engaging puzzle-platformer that soon shot to fame […]Read More

Album Review: TYRON // slowthai

slowthai’s TYRON shows us that imperfections – emotional, physical and mental — are part of normal human existence. TYRON is slowthai’s first studio album since his more politically driven Nothing Good About Britain in 2019; since then, he has released some hard-hitting singles in the wake of his blunder at the 2020 NME Awards, where […]Read More

‘Babyteeth’ And The Dysfunctional Family

Directed by Shannon Murphy, coming-of-age dramedy Babyteeth depicts the blossoming romance between 16-year-old Milla (Eliza Scanlen) and Moses (Toby Wallace) in the foreground of Milla’s cancer recurrence. Perverse, striking, and poignant, it’s hard to argue that Babyteeth isn’t a triumph. Whether you’re watching for Scanlen’s mesmerising performance, achy young adult romance, sensitive portrayals of mental illness and drug […]Read More

‘Darkness’ — A Strangely Prophetic Experiment: Review

Director Emanuela Rossi delivers Darkness with impeccable timing and clear intention. Through a use of a genre uncharacteristic of today’s Italian cinema, she creates a film that is strangely prophetic and largely effective. Darkness begins in a world in which women are not allowed to leave the house. 17-year-old Stella and her two younger sisters, […]Read More

‘The Queen of Black Magic’ — A Thrilling And Gory

With charismatic leads, clever writing and enticing visuals, Kimo Stamboel’s latest film is a thrilling watch that delivers disturbingly unforgettable gore.   The Queen of Black Magic follows the story of a family that goes back to visit the orphanage where their father grew up after its owner falls ill. As the history of the […]Read More

Blast from the Past: Leave Me Alone // Hinds

I find it hard to fathom that it was five whole years ago, in January 2016, that Hinds’ LP Leave Me Alone debuted. I remember its release well. I was a single unemployed graduate, you know the story – emotionally vulnerable, unsure, lost in life. I had heard a couple of Hinds songs, and thought […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Malibu // Anderson .Paak

Five years ago today, Anderson .Paak dropped the Grammy-nominated Malibu, a neo-soul masterpiece often cited as his best work. I’d be inclined to agree with the consensus: Oxnard felt like slightly bland pandering with its excess of features (although the presence of Q-Tip was much appreciated) and Ventura was a bit closer to what was […]Read More