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TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow // Episodes 10 – 12

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fj-NqW8_M8 Episode 10 – Progeny: The beginning of this episode brings us to the year 2147, as Rip works on locating Savage once again. The series is starting to feel a little tired now – the team consistently search for Savage and never really get any closer to defeating him, simply going round in circles […]Read More

Live Review: Explosions In The Sky // Brighton Dome –

I had high expectations for Explosions In The Sky, which were amplified by both the fact they were playing in one of Brighton’s best music venues, the Brighton Dome, and that We Were Promised Jetpacks were supporting. Explosions In The Sky are a post-rock band hailing all the way from Texas. Although their music is primarily instrumental, […]Read More

Album Review: Curve of The Earth // Mystery Jets

2016 sees the return of many bands, and here we have the sixth studio album Curve Of The Earth, by Mystery Jets. This came as the first new taste of music since the release of the Americana influenced Radlands, back in 2012. Curve Of The Earth opens with ‘Telomere’; with an electronic opening to the […]Read More

Live Review: Blossoms // Scala, London, 25.02.16

Blossoms have to be one of the most hyped up and coming bands at present. A great sense of anticipation was felt as people from all corners of the UK flocked into the doors of their sold out show at London’s infamous Scala. Blossoms’s unique brand of 60’s inspired pop translates fantastically into a live […]Read More

Track Review: On My One // Jake Bugg

After an extended period of quiet, dropping few hints about his new record, Jake Bugg’s unforeseen return occurred on the 16th of February. ‘On My One’ is dark, sparsely accompanied and a concise two minutes and fifteen seconds in length. Though he has touched on this sound before with songs such as ‘Strange Creatures’ and […]Read More

Track Review: Gardenia // Iggy Pop

Post Pop Depression will be the first release of new music from Iggy Pop since he reunited with The Stooges for 2013’s ‘Ready To Die’. This album comes as a collaboration with Queen of the Stone Age frontman, Josh Holme and will be released on the 18th March 2016. ‘Gardenia’, sees the first helping of this […]Read More

Live Review: Little Comets // Concorde 2, Brighton 21.02.16

Northeast indie-rock trio, Little Comets, graced the stage of Brighton’s Concorde 2 for the fourth time since 2012 on Sunday night. A sold out show, the room was packed to the rafters with music lovers of all ages, demonstrating that the gig-goers of the city are anything but tired of the bands electric live performances. […]Read More

Live Review: VANT // The Lexington, 02.02.16

VANT at The Lexington on a Tuesday night, because everybody deserves those mid-week guitar enthused, boy band treats once in a while right? And VANT certainly are a treat to watch. Clearly so, with a sold out gig in one of London’s finest indie music venues in the busy inner city business hub that is […]Read More

Throwback Thursday: Help! // The Beatles

My mother has always been a huge fan of The Beatles, and I suppose it was inevitable that this affection would be passed on to me – she has a large collection of CD’s and has several of their films on videotape, and I remember watching their film Help! a lot in my childhood. I was too […]Read More

Game Review: Resident Evil Zero HD

Release Date: January 19, 2016 Rating: M for Mature (Violence, Blood and Gore) Before the Arklay Mansion incident that set the foundation for a horror icon, Resident Evil Zero HD takes gamers back to the nightmare that Rebecca Chambers and Billy Cohen encountered. While Resident Evil HD demonstrated that fans prefer the traditional horror setup over […]Read More

TV Review: Cuffs

When the BBC aired an advert for a new, modern police drama called Cuffs, I was unsure. Hadn’t The Bill already set the tone for this kind of thing? Was it wise to create another programme that would see characters tackle crime, criminals and, in some cases, each other? Absolutely. Over the course of its eight episode stint, Cuffs […]Read More

Game Review: Pocket Mortys

Release Date: January 13, 2015 Rating: RP (Rating Pending) Staying true to what makes Rick and Morty a unique show, Pocket Mortys for the mobile device is a Pokemon-like game that is a treat for the fans. One should not be quick to dismiss Pocket Morty as a cheap gimmick, as the game stands out […]Read More