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Single Review: Them Changes // Thundercat

Let’s start thematically. We’ll focus on a universal sense of pain, something that highlights the true extent of human fragility. So, where do we look? Well, take it back to 41 B.C and think Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and then move it forward just a little bit to 12th century France and think Heloise and […]Read More

Song of the Week (20th July): Painkiller // The Jacques

As the melodic arpeggio-riff that opens ‘Painkiller’ by The Jacques gently lulls the listener into a melancholic haze, one is instantly drawn in by the raw honesty of the Bristol indie-rock outfit’s latest track release. The minor key used throughout the intro, and indeed the whole piece, highlights the general tone – quiet, suppressed angst. […]Read More

Track Review: Space Age Utopia // Vinyl Williams

Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach, keeping up with the gardening or even exercising this summer, Vinyl Williams‘ spacey vibes in ‘Space Age Utopia’ are guaranteed to transport you into a whirlpool of your own imagination and relax you to the very max. The track instantly captivates the listener with the staccato rattling, which is soon […]Read More

Throwback Thursday: 1963 // New Order

‘1963’ is probably one of New Order’s more unexpected hits, released as a B side to their 1987 summer single, ‘True Faith’. Not entirely the most cheery song, but equally not depressing either. The lyrics are particularly dark; with references throughout to domestic violence and matricide, it seems almost wrong that the song is so […]Read More

Film Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s been a long time coming, but Age of Ultron is finally here, there’s been so much hype and anticipation it was becoming overwhelming by it’s time of release. Nevertheless, Did the final product hold up to our expectations? I saw the film twice in cinemas, the first, I was a giddy fanboy and I […]Read More

TV: From Broadchurch to Boredchurch

WARNING: This article contains spoilers [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isToG5_U1Ug&w=740&h=422] The first season of Bafta-winning crime drama Broadchurch was one of the best series TV has seen in recent years. It’s unsurprising that expectations for the second season were high. Unfortunately though, they were not met as the series concluded last night. The second series has followed the […]Read More