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Mass Effect 2 Won’t Let Me Be Mean

So, I recently started playing Mass Effect 2 (2010) – I know, ten years late to the whole thing – and I rather enjoyed it. As a fan of strategy games, the combination of role-playing elements and third-person gun-play is an invigorating change. Through the first couple of playthroughs, though, I was pretty much exclusively […]Read More

Game At A Glance: Mount and Blade: Warband

Title: Mount and Blade: Warband Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment My Thoughts: Mount and Blade: Warband is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) where you take the role of an unnamed and unknown character who has just arrived in the continent of Calradia, which is split between six warring kingdoms, all with their own unique properties, cultures and traits. Your goal is to […]Read More