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A Desire for Faith

The influence of religion is fading away in society, and people are finding new, alternative ways to structure their ethical and moral beliefs.  Christianity used to be the dominant religion of the UK and now the country shares many more faiths. The Christian holidays and festivals, like Easter and Christmas, still remain part of many […]Read More

Brand And Farage Time

Last week’s episode of Question Time saw the meeting of self declared revolutionary Russell Brand and the slimy, self declared  “I’m-not-a -racist-but-er”, Nigel Farage. It was just as heated and oozing with insults as expected, but also highlighted some really important issues in both personalities and the way we all engage in politics. Let’s start […]Read More

We Need to Talk About Russell

Today, there are very few people who divide opinion in such a controversial way as Russell Brand. A great many herald him as a hero, and just as many others decry him as villain. Brand is a complex character, he is, as he has said countless times, only human, so why does he matter so […]Read More