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5 Of Roger Deakins’ Most Beautiful Films

With the news that legendary British cinematographer Roger Deakins is to receive a Knighthood, it’s an apt time to assess some of the marvelous films he has shot Beloved for his stunning and innovative style, Roger Deakins is perhaps best known for his 12 collaborations with the Coen brothers. His work, however, is prolific, having […]Read More

Heading Back Into No-Man’s-Land: Does 1917 Still Work On A

Remember last Christmas? That’s Christmas 2019, not the godawful Emilia Clarke/George Michael tie-up literally nobody asked for. Well, last Christmas, director Sam Mendes released 1917, a film seemingly purpose-built to fill yards of column inches and storm into first place on the list of ‘your dad’s favourite war films’. It’s now Summer 2020 and 1917 […]Read More

No Time to Debate: Ranking Daniel Craig’s James Bond Films

Daniel Craig had an unenviable task in 2006 when he first donned the tuxedo and took the mantle of 007. Pierce Brosnan’s 6-year stint had ended in the critically mauled 2002 film Die Another Day and many were asking if Bond was relevant in the 21st Century, with Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne films reinventing the […]Read More

Film News: Trailer for Sam Mendes’ “1917” released

A powerful and emotive new trailer for Sam Mendes’ upcoming World War One drama, titled 1917, was released last week. The film revolves around two young British officers, Schofield (played by Captain Fantastic’s George MacKay) and Blake (played by Game of Thrones’ Dean-Charles Chapman), who are tasked with making it to the front line to […]Read More