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“A good talking” about bullying in UK and US schools

It’s safe to say that the topic of bullying has been around for a long time. In today’s age of media, we are constantly discussing the evolution of bullying, but are not necessarily reaching any worthy milestones. There a number of questions which are banded about; is “bullying” being thrown around too carelessly and are students just […]Read More

Instead of reforming GCSEs, let’s go Dutch

That’s right, folks. 2017 is the year of the new GCSE marking system for English and Maths, with grades numbered 9-1 being given out instead of letters. As this rather idealised video shows, fewer students will be able to achieve the top grade of nine than have previously been achieving the top grade of A*. […]Read More

The Waiting Game

This week you’ve gone over every scenario possible in your head about what can happen tomorrow. Today you’ve checked the grade boundaries and done the maths in your mind about how realistic it is to get an A. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and check UCAS persistently until the e-mail that has ability to change a […]Read More

Everyday Sexism

My dad gave me a copy of Laura Bates’ Everyday Sexism a few months back now as a present. I read it in one sitting. Not because I enjoyed it, it was anything but enjoyable, it was horrific, upsetting and terrifying. Possibly the most frightening thing was that these women’s experiences – from being catcalled in […]Read More