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Five Excellent Investigative Podcasts that aren’t Serial or S-Town

If, like me, you devoured the hit podcasts Serial and S-Town and are in desperate need of new material to support your growing career as a detective, fear not. The podcast boom is still well and truly reverberating with many twisty, cerebral and gripping pods still emerging, drawing listeners in with their nuanced and perceptive observations of crimes that […]Read More

TV Review: Mindhunter Season 2

The question is: is it human nature to be enticed by sadistic, creepy, yet charming serial killers that psychology, TV and film show us today? The truth: it’s just human nature to want to be in the know. The term ‘serial killer’ first appeared in a 1981 Times report discussing Wayne Williams, who was implicated in […]Read More

TV Review: MTV’s Scream (So Far)

“You can’t turn a slasher movie into a TV series,” is the tag line introduced by serial killer enthusiast Noah, in the pilot of MTV’s Scream. Deliberately mocking its own premise, this is one of many quips that introduces the savvy, technological dialogue running through the suspense, gore and occasional emotional depth of this new series. In […]Read More