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Film News and Debate: Fox and Paramount to have no

While in the music world, 2016 has been the year of the women with both Adele and Rihanna breaking British music records, in the film world, we have been reminded of the great inequalities that exist between the sexes. Earlier this week, it was announced that two of Hollywood’s biggest studios – 20th Century Fox […]Read More

Introducing: Muncie Girls

Name: Muncie Girls Hometown: Exeter Listen to: Gone With the Wind, Respect Exeter punk rock trio Muncie Girls are set for big things this year. The band, consisting of singer and bassist Lande, guitarist Dean, and drummer Luke, plays upbeat songs with themes including sexism, misogyny, and feeling isolated from society. With a sound reminiscent […]Read More

The Fangirl – Hysterical Halfwit or Misunderstood?

The phenomenon of the ‘Fangirl’ has arisen throughout pop culture and the music industry, and has been met by a sense of prevalent snobbery from a large majority of the alternative rock fanbase – a fanbase renowned for turning its nose up at the mainstream. The rejection of once unconditionally loved Arctic Monkeys after their 2013 album, […]Read More

Owen Jones: “Protest is a fundamental right”

As part of Bury St Edmunds’ Festival of Ideas, Opinion Editor Tony Diver interviews Guardian firebrand and leftist sweetheart Owen Jones. I walk with Owen Jones to Oakes Barn – Bury’s newest real-ale pub – and, surrounded by the watching eyes of the townsfolk, he begins to divulge his plans to rejuvenate the British left. […]Read More

Sexism in Cinema: We Need to Do Better

Award ceremonies such as the Golden Globes and the Oscars are a momentous occasion for both film lovers and those working in the industry alike. Their job is to celebrate and represent what cinema has achieved over the course of the year; unfortunately, however, they also seem to represent the casual sexism still apparent in Hollywood […]Read More

Dear Mr. Benn: Gender Disparities in Music Festivals

I was just scrolling merrily down my Facebook newsfeed the other day when I stumbled across an NME article post. “Reading And Leeds Festivals boss: ‘Female bands are not sidelined at festivals’” read the headline, above a photo of Melvin Benn, head of Festival Republic – the biggest festival promoter in the UK. The article explained Benn’s comments, […]Read More