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General Election 2019

I felt that I’d be writing something along these lines, but not in my wildest dreams did I think it would be like this. The Conservatives were ahead in the polls from the get-go and although Labour’s closing of the gap to trailing by 9 points, it was never going to be an easy win. […]Read More

Cybernats are not representative of the SNP

Social media is a powerful tool. It can start revolutions, both political and cultural. We have seen increasingly important events happen on social media, to the point where some events have shaped history (the Arab Spring, to name one such event). So, naturally, everybody wants to exploit social media for their gain. This includes political […]Read More

Why you should vote… SNP

The SNP is the largest political party in Scotland in terms of membership, with over 105,000 members, and they have had a majority in the Scottish parliament since 2010. This is a big deal as – let’s be honest – most of us before September last year didn’t even deem the SNP as relevant. But once the referendum […]Read More