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An Inspector Calls: The National Theatre Production

J.B. Priestley’s anti-Capitalist masterpiece: An Inspector Calls. It is the most popular dramatic text currently studied at GCSE in England, and thus a play well-known if not always fully understood. The National Theatre production directed by Stephen Daldry was first performed in 1992 and is currently undergoing a popular revival tour around Britain. I saw […]Read More

Why You Should Vote For… Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s last-minute entry into the leadership election race was something of a surprise, the veteran left-winger qualified with 36 nominations, just scraping the bare minimum in order to be entered, nominated only 12 days before entry closed. However, since then his campaign has snowballed, the younger elements of the party in particular have been […]Read More

Socialism is not a scary word!

Labour was told by acting leader Harriet Harman to not oppose the welfare bill, proposing a limit on child benefits to two children. The left of Labour instead organised a revolt of sorts, with 48 MPs opposing the bill. Although the bill was passed anyway (as far more Labour MPs abstained from voting rather than […]Read More