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The Indiependent’s Best of Britpop

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the chart battle between Blur’s ‘Country House’ and Oasis’ ‘Roll With It’, a time when Britpop dominated the airwaves and the UK was witnessing a new age in Rock ‘n’ Roll. Britpop was born as a form of rebellion against the heavier, grungier sounds coming from the USA in […]Read More

The Sound of the Working Class

Those who argue that class struggles were a feature of Victorian Britain alone are too far up the social ladder to understand how the other half live. Under Conservative rule, the level of poverty is increasing. With the rising number of families part of the ‘working poor’ – an umbrella term to describe those who […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Sophie McEvoy

Music has always been my backbone. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do in life, whether that be playing it or writing about it. I grew up listening to classic and prog rock gods like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Genesis through my parents, which really laid out the foundations as to why […]Read More

Album Review: Hell or Highwater // David Duchovny

When actors decide to foray into the music world, a majority of the time they’re never really welcomed with open arms. They are usually met with disdain that they may be using their fame to get a head start, or just using the album as vanity project. This isn’t the case at all with David […]Read More

In Memoriam: Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley left an everlasting impression on the music industry with his 1994 debut – and subsequently only album – Grace. Unfortunately, Buckley’s life was cut short after a fateful swim in the Mississippi River on May 29, 1997. That one album cemented Buckley as a musical prodigy, culminating in him being considered as one […]Read More

Film Review: Montage of Heck

Since Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994, there have been countless documentaries that try to dig deep into the persona of Cobain to investigate why he ended his life so abruptly in the midst of fame with Nirvana. No documentary seems to do Cobain any justice, as each film either decides to focus wholeheartedly on his […]Read More

TV Review: New York – Sonic Highways // Foo Fighters

Here we are, the last episode of Sonic Highways. And what a way to end the series and album by documenting one of the greatest cities in America, New York. The overarching theme that the music of America is connected by sonic highways is explored in much more detail in this episode, especially in the […]Read More

My Life in Films: Sophie McEvoy

In the second ever ‘My Life In Films’, Sophie bares all and tells us all about the films that made her the person she is today. Toy Story (1995) Dir: John Lasseter The year was 1996. My Mum sat three month old me down in front of the television and put Toy Story into the […]Read More