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Life of Pie: movie restaurants you can actually visit

Disappointingly, most of the restaurants you see in iconic film scenes are carefully built sets. You can’t enter a twist contest at Pulp Fiction‘s Jack Rabbit Slim’s, get on the guest-list of Dorsia from American Psycho or visit the pastel-hued Mendl’s Bakery from The Grand Budapest Hotel. However, from rom-coms to gangster epics, a surprising […]Read More

What are Radiohead up to?

I’ve had a strange relationship with Radiohead, and that’s not just because I seem to be the only person who thinks Amnesiac is their best album. I’ve been infatuated with them, scared of over-playing their records and then finally, decided to stop listening to them for what has been about a year. But why would […]Read More

Film Review: Spectre

The image of a giant skeleton puppet smoking a cigar whilst casting its gaze over the surrounding masses, as it is ceremonially paraded through the centre of Mexico City, the Day of the Dead festival isn’t quite what you expect to be welcomed by. A silky-smooth, prolonged tracking shot ensues henceforth from the aforementioned opening frame […]Read More

In Case You Missed It: Film News

Not quite up to date on your film news? Not to worry! We here at The Indiependent have it covered.  In this edition of ‘In Case You Missed It’, we’ll be covering BAFTA winners, some of the latest film trailers to hit the internet AND the lowdown on Spiderman’s long awaited return to the Marvel Cinematic […]Read More

What We’re Watching in 2015: Part 2

In Part Two of our collosal entertainment feature, The Indiependent writers continue in their quest to get you excited for the Film and TV heading your way in 2015 – this time, focusing on the screen delights coming in July to December of the new year! Film: Paper Towns Originally a book by John Green, […]Read More