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Marvel – Old Heroes, New Series

Stemming the misery of 2020, if only for a moment, the Disney Investor Day was truly a day to behold, with truckloads upon truckloads of new content announced to look forward to in the coming years. But in the stream of new faces added to the MCU in shows like Moonknight and Ms Marvel, it […]Read More

TV Review: ‘The Boys’ Are Back In Town For Season

In July of last year, before all the horrors of 2020 were unleashed on the world, Amazon released a little show called The Boys. Extreme violence, dark humour, and a subversion of the superhero genre made the show an instant hit and one of the tentpole shows for Amazon Prime. Since its release, The Boys has had everyone […]Read More

Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig Face Off in ‘Wonder Woman

The sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman is the ninth DCEU movie, and possibly the film that could breathe new life into the franchise. Here’s what we know so far about Wonder Woman 1984. Gal Gadot returns to her role as the Justice League superhero Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince. Set during the Cold War, the […]Read More

Gaming News: Spider-Man to be a PlayStation Exclusive for Square

The developers behind Square Enix’s Avengers game have just announced a surprising addition to their roster, Spider-Man. But there’s a catch, the character is exclusive to PlayStation. On August 3rd, just two days after National Spider-Man day, the Crystal Dynamics associate director Jeff Adams posted on the PlayStation Blog announcing that fan favourite superhero Spider-Man […]Read More

Film News: Birds of Prey Poster Released

Harley Quinn is back and making sure everyone knows that this time, it’s all about her. Suicide Squad (2016) had few success stories, and as one of four returning characters for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021), Harley has been given the reins for her first semi-solo film. Whilst the title Birds of Prey (2020) […]Read More

Film News: Cast Announced for “The Suicide Squad”

Hot on the trail of the first Bird of Prey (2020) trailer comes a first peak at James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021) cast, announced on Saturday. Much to the excitement of fans, this new film seems to exist in a grey area of both sequel and reboot, hopefully washing away the bad taste left […]Read More

Film News: ‘Joker’ wins the Golden Lion at the Venice

Todd Phillips’ contribution to the DC canon, Joker, has just scooped the top award at the Venice Film Festival, beating out tough competition from the likes of Ad Astra and Marriage Story. Having been praised by critics for transgressing the tropes that one may expect from a comic book movie, Joker sees Joaquin Phoenix star […]Read More

Film Review: Logan

There are no words to describe my love for Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine over the past 17 years; even in the God-awful Wolverine film that shall not be named, he was still on top form (or as much as he could be with that script). So when it was announced this would be Hugh […]Read More

I’m In (Man)Pain: The Twisted Purpose of the Female Character

In 2016, the BBC aired the third series of their hit family gangster epic Peaky Blinders, an hour’s viewing featuring standout performances from the likes of British/Irish acting stars Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Helen McCrory. It is a programme filled with decadence, debauchery and dodgy dealings with crime bosses of all nationalities – but […]Read More