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Film News: Dakota Fanning to appear in Bell Jar film

Yet another book-to-film adaptation has been announced within the world of Hollywood, this time of Sylvia Plath’s profilic sole novel, The Bell Jar.  Released in 1963, it is a semi-autobiographical novel revolving around young Esther Greenwood and her troubles with life and mental illness. It was first adapted for the silver screen in 1979, and this […]Read More

The Suppressed Voice of Literature

When applying to universities, I swayed away from studying English Literature. It wasn’t that I didn’t think the study of literature was valid in society, or that I didn’t enjoy it – I was just put off from it. I had been made to feel by those around me that English Literature was somewhat inferior […]Read More

Literature Lessons: The Best Pieces of Literature to Study

English Literature is a popular subject to take at school level and beyond. In these wonderful lessons, pieces of literature are studied in varying detail, depending on the level of qualification the student has reached. Novels and novellas, poems and poetry collections, plays and dramatic monologues all fall under the category of literature, over time […]Read More

My Life In Books: Rosie Coleman Collier

When I was in reception, my school report said something like “Rosie tends to choose the library corner in her spare time.” Fourteen years later and that love of books and reading hasn’t disappeared, to the point where I hope to go on next year to read more in an English Literature degree. As cliché […]Read More

Book Review: The Bell Jar // Sylvia Plath

This novel is almost poetically depressing. Sylvia Plath takes us on the journey of Esther Greenwood, a beautiful, bright and hopeful young girl, who faces mental health troubles in 1950s America. The novel itself rings real truths, as it is semi-autobiographical of Plath’s own life. The story follows our protagonist, Esther Greenwod, who is on […]Read More