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Iconic Movie Motors: Edition Two

Films are big business and while the spotlight is typically on the starring thespians, in some cases the cars have stolen the show and became the main attraction. In this feature, we look at two more of the most beloved and iconic vehicles to grace the big screen: the Bale era Batmobile from the epic […]Read More

The Films of Christopher Nolan: A Top 10 by Chris

With the release of the much anticipated Tenet almost upon us, Chris Burns gives us a breakdown of the iconic director Christopher Nolan’s eclectic career. 10 – Following (1998) It’s interesting to see a Christopher Nolan film wear its influences on its sleeve as much as Following does. Looking like a cross between early Hitchcock and […]Read More

‘Joker’ named the most complained-about film of 2019

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has officially named Joker the most complained-about film of 2019. According to the annual report, the DC movie received 20 complaints regarding the film’s age 15 classification, asserting it should have had an age 18 rating due to its “violence and tone.” Others have even argued that the […]Read More

Best Film Directors That Never Won The Oscar

When we think of Hollywood, we only really tend to think of big-shot actors like Meryl Streep or James Dean; very rarely do we think of all of the wonderful people who make magic happen. Film Directors are sometimes undervalued and overshadowed by the actors, yet without one, you don’t have the other. All Directors dream […]Read More

My Life in Films: Juliette Rowsell

I am not a film person. It’s not like I don’t want to not be into films, but I just don’t have the time (nor the concentration capacity to sit down for two hours without making some sort of sarcastic comment). My parents were never into films either, meaning I am possibly the only teenager […]Read More