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My Life In Books: Joe Lewin

Books have always played a big part in my life; while others chose to go outside, I chose a new intriguing book. Books have been a dear friend to me providing the escapism to console myself no matter what life may have thrown at me; so here are just a few of my life-changing books. […]Read More

The Month In Films: November 2014

In this new regular feature, I will be providing insight into the best DVDs and Blu-rays heading your way over the coming month. This month’s releases include a monster movie of epic proportions, two kick-ass superhero films, a YA romantic drama bound to make you weep and an animated dragon-fest for all the family to […]Read More

The 10 Most Downloadable Movie Soundtracks of the Decade

Never underestimate the importance of a soundtrack. In this cinematic climate, where CGI must always strive to become bigger and better to quell an audience’s ever-increasing expectations – where 3D movies are exasperatingly relentless in their number – it’s all too easy to focus on the visuals. But it would be a mistake to think that […]Read More