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The Class of Covid 2020

‘Oh, the virus is spreading because of the students, it’s all their fault’. It’s all well and good putting the blame on students and slandering their actions, but has anyone actually stopped to think about how it feels to be one of these ‘hooligans’ during this pandemic? We’re nearing the end of 2020, and it […]Read More

Maintenance Grants: The Continuing Attack on Students

On 15th January, a committee of MPs scrapped maintenance grants for university students. In place of these grants, tailored to help students with the cost of living, will be loans. While the threshold of money a student can receive has increased from a maximum of £7,434 a year to £8,200 a year (or £10,702 if […]Read More

Tuition Fees – The Recurring Problem

This September will be a huge step in my life and my future career. I will finally be going to university. Living away from home may be tough for some but I am relishing the prospect of newfound freedom away from the monotonous and repetitive sixth form life. Amidst the studying and intense partying, the […]Read More