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Top TV of the Decade: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Welcome to The Indiependent’s Top TV of the Decade! Deputy Opinion editor Jacob Fleming explores the cult-hit anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure… This popular manga written by Hirohiko Araki had received a number of poor film and TV adaptations before David Production released the rights to produce their own anime. With this, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom […]Read More

The Real Star Of ‘The Office’ (And It’s Certainly Not

If you were looking for the perfect song that summed up office-based banality, a track that should easily be in the running is Fountains of Wayne’s ‘Hey Julie’. Not only does it discuss the grim eventualities of working for men with soup-stained ties and bad tans, but there’s a glimmer of hope, one tiny slither […]Read More

‘Stranger Things’ – How Winona Got Her Groove Back

  ‘Winona Forever’ goes the slogan. Immortalised by a generation raised on the Gothic glamour of Beetlejuice, it was also the phrase that was, ironically, temporarily etched onto the arm of eccentric movie alternahunk Johnny Depp. Even more ironically, such a statement – delivered in honour of Winona Ryder – hasn’t exactly rang true, for […]Read More

10 Reasons To Be Excited About The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

When Gilmore Girls left our screens in 2007 after seven heartwarming series, fans were left clamouring for more. The fast-paced comedy-drama television series, set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, focused on single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her relationship with daughter Rory. As we followed their journey, we became emotionally invested in their lives, […]Read More

TV Review: Game of Thrones Season 6

Battles have been staged, storylines have become intertwined and *R+L=J HAS BEEN CONFIRMED*; in short, the sixth season of Game of Thrones could easily be its best to date. Between the devastating reason why ‘Hodor’ says ‘Hodor’, immense spectacle in episodes nine and ten, and Daenerys finally setting sail to Westeros… there is much to […]Read More

I’m In (Man)Pain: The Twisted Purpose of the Female Character

In 2016, the BBC aired the third series of their hit family gangster epic Peaky Blinders, an hour’s viewing featuring standout performances from the likes of British/Irish acting stars Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Helen McCrory. It is a programme filled with decadence, debauchery and dodgy dealings with crime bosses of all nationalities – but […]Read More

Why I love Ugly Betty and Why You Should Too

Ugly Betty. What does that mean to you? This was a question I considered when I embarked upon my journey of binge-watching all four seasons of this American comedy from start to finish. I can clearly say that Ugly Betty should be somewhat of a modern icon. It is gloriously symbolic of the constant battle of […]Read More

TV: How Netflix Gave Us The X-Files and Twin Peaks

I got the best birthday gift I could have possibly asked for this year (and even a day early), when on March 24th, 2015 FOX confirmed rumors that The X-Files will be returning as a six episode miniseries in early 2016. I really can’t explain how excited this news made me (I have a copy […]Read More

Mourning the Loss of Hannibal

If you’re an avid TV watcher, you’ve been through the most painful experience for any fan: the premature cancellation of something you love. With NBC’s Hannibal being the most recent example of this type of tragedy and coming to an end this last week, I think it’s important to take a look back at some […]Read More

Our Favourite TV Couples

Valentine’s day, New Year, a break from school meaning your perpetual alone-state is feeling particularly prominent. You pop on Netflix, joggers and indulge in a fictional relationship (or ten). Everyone has done it. As singletons, hopeless romantics, or avid TV fans, it’s a right we are all entitled to. But who are your go to […]Read More

The End of an Era: The Indiependent’s Favourite Top Gear

It was announced last week that Jeremy Clarkson was to be dismissed from the BBC, following the widespread investigation into a “fracas” between the presenter and a Top Gear producer. Amidst the controversy of both the incident itself and the somewhat inevitable decision to let Clarkson go, one thing is certain; without him at the […]Read More

TV Anniversary: Buffy Turns 18

Even though Sarah Michelle Geller is turning 38 next month, the show that she is best known for, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, came of age itself earlier this month. We’d like to wish a happy birthday to one of Joss Whedon’s most iconic creations, and hope that it can now enjoy adulthood with the older […]Read More

What We’re Watching in 2015: Part 2

In Part Two of our collosal entertainment feature, The Indiependent writers continue in their quest to get you excited for the Film and TV heading your way in 2015 – this time, focusing on the screen delights coming in July to December of the new year! Film: Paper Towns Originally a book by John Green, […]Read More