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TV Review: Try S5E15 // The Walking Dead

Even casual viewers will know by now that the season finale is not going to end well for anyone. There will definitely be a brutal clash of the clans between Rick and co. and the Alexandria lot, and there will almost certainly be a hefty kill list for both sides. While the build up to […]Read More

TV Review: The Ursurper S3E5 // Vikings

Half way through season 3 and Michael Hirst presents us with an interesting character driven episode, that takes varying steps in each characters arc. The biggest reveal would have been Ecbert’s not so sudden turn to the dark side, we find out that the whole time he was plotting to get rid of the northmen […]Read More

TV Review: Seattle – Sonic Highways // Foo Fighters

This episode of Sonic Highways is extremely close to my heart, as it is to the rest of Foo Fighters. The band traveled to the city in which they were conceived, Seattle. They headed to Robert Lang Studios to record the track ‘Subterranean’, the studio in which Grohl recorded the debut Foo Fighters record back […]Read More

TV Review: Spend S5E14 // The Walking Dead

With what many have described as a slow build up to the final episodes of the season, we’ve been waiting with baited breath for a swift punch to the gut – and boy does Spend deliver. Chilling discoveries at Alexandria and shocking confessions from Father Gabriel are sure to test the status quo, whilst a […]Read More

TV Review: Scarred S3E4 // Vikings

We are almost halfway through season 3, the battle for Mercia is won and the settlement in Wessex has almost been firmly established, this signals the possible end of the main story that engulfed the first 3 episodes. Still other strings from that story will remain, like Judith and Athelstan’s affair as well as the […]Read More

TV Review: Forget S5E13 // The Walking Dead

Although Sasha has been a driving force in many of the show’s recent episodes, her storylines have always revolved around the men in her life, in particular how their hardships have affected her. In Forget, however, we begin to see what life is like for her as she grieves for her partner and brother, and […]Read More

TV Review: Warrior’s Fate S3E3 // Vikings

Just like it’s predecessor, episode 3 ‘Warrior’s Fate’ follows immediately after ‘The Wanderer’, and this is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. ‘Warrior’s Fate’ mixed the strengths of the last two episodes, to present us with the best 45 minutes of Vikings Season 3 so far. This episode was a beautiful […]Read More

TV Review: Remember S5E12 // The Walking Dead

Alexandria may well be the fresh new start that the group desperately needs, but not everyone is ready to accept their new neighbours with open arms. After a battle with the group (and his own insecurities) in last week’s episode, Remember gives us Rick at his most vulnerable. But this could also be Rick at […]Read More

TV Review: The Casual Vacancy

In 2012, JK Rowling released her first novel for adults which, following its huge success, was adapted into a TV miniseries which premiered on the 15th February on BBC1 and captured the attention of 6.6 million viewers. Even though JK Rowling herself praised the series, it spurred mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike. Moving […]Read More

TV Review: The Wanderer S3E2 // Vikings

With the season premiere last week being such a hit despite not showing the audience anything new I felt like there were high hopes for this episode ‘The Wanderer’. However this episode serves as a continuation or ‘part 2’ of last week’s premiere, in what I believe is a 3 part story line. It didn’t […]Read More

TV: UK vs. US Part 2: House of Cards

In my last entry of this series, I discussed the US The Office and what led to its success among a world of failed American adaptations of British TV shows. The Office’s success was a combination of good timing, clever and new marketing, and finding its own voice that was separate from the UK original. […]Read More

TV Review: Parks and Recreation S7E12 and E13 // One

Despite it being the last episode of Parks and Recreation to ever air, One Last Ride felt less like a final goodbye and more like a welcoming look into the future. Episodes like Leslie and Ron and last week’s The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show were heavy on laughs in order to balance […]Read More

TV: From Broadchurch to Boredchurch

WARNING: This article contains spoilers [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isToG5_U1Ug&w=740&h=422] The first season of Bafta-winning crime drama Broadchurch was one of the best series TV has seen in recent years. It’s unsurprising that expectations for the second season were high. Unfortunately though, they were not met as the series concluded last night. The second series has followed the […]Read More

TV Review: The Distance S5E11 // The Walking Dead

The last few installments of The Walking Dead have been a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions. It seems as though the tables are turning now, though, as new face Aaron brings the possibility of refuge and solace to the group. God knows they need it. “You’re survivors. And you’re people.” With last week’s episode Them […]Read More

TV Review: Parks and Recreation S7E10 and E11 // The

Taking a radically different stylistic approach to the usual Parks and Rec format, The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show utilises the mockumentary style and allows us to bid farewell to Andy’s alter ego with continuous light-hearted humour. The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Music Explosion Show rides the wave of Andy’s recent success without […]Read More